Some areas of interest

The appropriate choice of courses beyond those required for your math or stat major depends on your interests and plans for the future. Here, we provide recommendations of courses in mathematics and statistics and supplementary courses in other departments for a few areas of special interest. The section at the bottom of this page provides suggestions for students interested in pursuing graduate studies after Carleton. Be sure to consult with a mathematics or statistics faculty member in planning your major. Also note that many of the course suggestions below have prerequisites (e.g. calculus, linear algebra, math or structures) that are not listed.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the course is often offered in alternate years.

Actuarial Science

Applied Mathematics

Data Science

High School Teaching

Operations Research

The suggestions below are designed for individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies in areas of mathematics and statistics. Be sure to consult with your math or stat advisor if you may pursue graduate studies.

Graduate Study in Applied Mathematics

Graduate Study in Mathematics

Graduate Study in Statistics or Biostatistics