The course requirements are Mathematics 101 or 111, 120 or 121, 210 or 211, 232, 236 and six advanced courses from among: Mathematics courses numbered above 236 and Computer Science 252, 254. Potential majors with especially strong preparation may petition the department for exemption from the Mathematics 232 and/or 236 requirement(s). Mathematics majors are encouraged to take Computer Science 111.

At least three of the following five areas of mathematics must be represented by the six advanced courses.

  • Algebra: Mathematics 312, 332, 342, 352
  • Analysis: Mathematics 251, 261, 321, 331, 361
  • Applied Mathematics: Mathematics 241, 245, 255, 265, 275, 315, 341, 365
  • Discrete Structures: Mathematics 333, Computer Science 252, 254
  • Geometry and Topology: Mathematics 244, 344, 354

Of the six advanced courses, at most two may be from outside the Carleton Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

In addition, each senior major must complete an integrative exercise, Mathematics 400 (6 credits) which can be either a group or individual project. Majors are required to participate in the mathematical life of the department by attending colloquia, comps presentations, and other activities.

There are many patterns of courses for the major depending upon a student’s mathematical interests and career goals. A guide for majors, which supplies information about suitable patterns of courses, is available on the Mathematics and Statistics Department web site.

Major under Combined Plan in Engineering:

In addition to completing requirements for the mathematics major listed above including Mathematics 241 and 341, the student should take the following courses required for admission to engineering schools: Two terms of 100-level Physics, Chemistry 123, 224, and Computer Science 111.