Science at Carleton is about embracing vibrant, electric learning. Our students ask tough questions, research in the field, get their hands dirty, and solve problems. We take pride in their hard work and growth—and we’re pretty proud of our STEM stats, too.

What makes Carleton’s math & science disciplines so strong?

Innovative Faculty Research

Top ten among liberal arts colleges in faculty National Science Foundation grants

Over the past six years, Carleton has received 37 grants from the National Science Foundation, totaling more than $6.3 million. Funding from the NSF and other prestigious national sponsors supports research, leadership, pedagogy, and outreach for Carleton’s STEM faculty, supporting projects as varied as studying the genetics of a rare Minnesota snake, analyzing gravitational waves emanating from black holes and supernovas, and conducting fieldwork on the geology of south-central Alaska.

Widespread Student Research

46% of students involved in mentored research

Well-backed Research

28 years of HHMI funding.

Authentic Learning Experiences

100% of students.

Ambitious Students

1st among U.S. liberal arts colleges in producing PhDs per capita across all science disciplines.

Vibrant, Growing Fields

71% increase in computer science graduates in the past five years.

STEM after Carleton

62% of all STEM majors launch into STEM careers.

Quantitatively Rich Classes

23% of classes carry a quantitative reasoning designation.

National Impact

A leader in science education.

Dedication and Commitment

$80 million targeted for new science facilities.