Tami Little

13 May 2022

After the conversation we had about what does one say to another at retirement, it made me think about all the years you have been a part of Carleton. There have been so many faculty and staff you crossed paths with, all kinds of field trips you have led and been a part of, many students you have taught and all kinds of changes along the way.

I first met you though the connection with ENTS, under the direction of Dale Jamieson. Winter terms were often directed by Norm Vig so Dale could escape from the Minnesota  winters to California. During that time we enjoyed lunches for Byzantines and meetings in the old portable between Olin and Old Music.

Remember all the times you taught a  course for archeology in the basement of Goodsell. The memory of a student creating sandboxes for the archeological digs is one that still brings a smile to my face. Then there were all the issues with the computer program needed.

It was with you I had a conversation by the Weitz Center when I was contemplating  the current position I hold in the Geology and Chemistry departments. I fondly think of Mudd Hall, the home for Geology and the first decades of you teaching. What a great name for a building that housed Geology. I remember many lab students returning from a field trip and leaving tracks of mud as evidence of the weekly activities of students participating in geology. It was fun to be there for the opening of the time capsule before Mudd became Evelyn M. Anderson Hall. My one regret is that I didn’t get to go on a field trip with you.

To my first hall mate in Anderson summer 2019, I miss see you around campus. And the pandemic has made it hard to get together. When the times comes, enjoy lots of traveling. I wish you well in your retirement. Don’t be a stranger. Stop by and see us on 1st and 3rd Anderson.

All my best, Tami