ST McWhinnie

3 May 2022

Mary was one of those pivotal people that you meet just at the right time. I took her Intro Geo course my freshman year and thoroughly enjoyed it, and was also the first class for which I got an A. Mary’s class approach and advice (she was also my academic advisor) led me into a career in the field. However, more importantly, she taught me processes and hammered home how to think. I have not touched a strat column in years, yet I can still proudly say I’m a lumper. I regularly confound my wife, who is a smart and logical person, with my deeply deeply ingrained multiple working hypotheses approach to just about everything. So thank you Mary, you are one of a handful of people I can clearly say deeply influenced me and made me who I am today.

In regards to anecdotes about Mary, I don’t have any really good ones because I’m a terrible storyteller. However, I have very fond memories of Mary during the inaugural Death Valley Semester gently guiding we idiot children terrorizing the desert.

Mary – I hope you are enjoying your retirement and thank you for everything.