Philip Brown (’74)

11 May 2022

I became a Geo major in the fall of 1971 when I took Geo 10 (the first class that Shelby Boardman taught at Carleton). Mary, Bruce, Chris, Steve and Meg were the seniors that provided the leadership in the department and on some memorable field trips starting with a trip to the Badlands and Black Hills. I have seen Mary at many GSA meetings over the past 40 years but have never had the good sense to go on one of her Alumni tours. I retired in 2019 after 37 years teaching at UW-Madison but the Carleton geo family approach to life and teaching that Mary typifies has stuck with me throughout my career – In fact I am leaving 2 days after this retirement celebration to help guide 30 undergrads to the Black Hills – students who missed this trip over the past 2 years due to the pandemic.