Peter Whiting

3 May 2022

Dear Mary, Thank you. You helped me, like generations of students, find their passion and curiosity for geology.

I think back to your intro geology class which I took when I still thought I might major in political science. Halfway through that intro course I knew I was meant to be a geologist (and a geologist like you). You got geology into by head and heart and for that I am ever grateful.

Memories of you and your teaching include an almost delusional obsession with geomorphology that you created, at least for me. For instance, I couldn’t focus on what the art historian wanted me to see about the brush strokes in the French landscape painting – rather than pointillism, I saw river terraces. Another grand memory was you and I entertaining other field-trippers with our “shag” dancing. You guided me through a comps project with a deft touch was appreciated and even more appreciated as I later understood the work of a master teacher and motivator. You asked gentle questions – or what I thought were just questions of curiosity – that helped me understand things that I could believe I figured out. You built skill and confidence.

I am blessed to know you and to have been taught and mentored by you.