Miki Beavis

5 May 2022


Congratulations on your retirement!!!

Thank you for all the influence and support you gave me both during my time at Carleton and going forward. Your compassion and care of your students and their learning will leave a presence in the Geology dept that will probably remain forever, so unfortunately, you’re probably not actually retired. 

Thank you for: your sense of humour, your incredible patience and non-judgment with everyone, providing me opportunities for growth in Archaeology from a Geology perspective, and obviously your intelligence, integrity, dedication to teaching and thorough knowledge that you were there to inspire me and my classmates with.
And for not getting upset with me that one time we had to stand next to the Cannon river reading hydrology meters for hours in January and I had a temper tantrum because I was cold.

You really helped me understand how many of my interests in life tie to the understanding of geology and human use of land, including my work in GIS that I do now. Think of you often.

What a wonderful asset you have been to the college.
Thank you for being such a mentor,