Lisanne Pearcy, Ph.D.

3 May 2022

I will always remember Mary fondly. She is the reason I majored in Geology!

When I was a sophomore, and not sure what to major in, I took Intro Geology from Mary, then Geomorph. Intro was intriguing. Geomorph got me hooked! I especially loved solving the mysteries left behind in overlapping lobes of glacial till and wading across the Cannon River to measure stream flow. And then, of course, there was my first departmental field trip. The sense of camraderie in the department sealed the deal.

When I returned to Carleton 10 years post-grad to teach Mineralogy as a sabbatical replacement for Shelby, Mary took me (a very green instructor) under her wing and helped build my confidence and technique… because teaching Carleton students can be intimidating!

Thank you, Mary, for your dedication, creativity in teaching and moral support over the years. I couldn’t be prouder to be a student of yours.