Lee Fairchild

29 April 2022

At our age memories can be a bit fleeting. But I remember the name Mary Savina. Precisely why is the question. I was an undergrad at Berkeley when you were a grad student. Here is what I think I remember. You were a Clyde student and Clyde was my mentor. His encouragement got me to switch from Bus Ad to Geology. I think…. that you were my TA in the undergrad geomorph class. And/or we may have both been on a field trip run by Harvey Kelsey to his thesis area in N coastal CA looking at earthflows in the Franciscan. One way or another, whether that or something else, I remember that you were a great person, hugely enthusiastic and encouraging (which I needed). All this came up because Jay Jackson, another couple, and my wife and I are batting around the idea of joining the Carleton Iceland trip. Congratulations on your retirement, you obviously are keeping very busy, and I suspect very happy.