Kevin Theissen

11 May 2022

Mary’s Geomorph class is among my favorite memories of my Carleton experience. We got out, doing hands-on work in nearly every lab session and for project work. But my single favorite story is an experience prior to big exam in the course. All of the students in the class were all down in the geo classroom in Mudd, preparing for the exam the night before it was going to be given. As happens before exams, there was some nervousness and confusion as we reviewed, and someone made the bold suggestion that we should just give Mary a call at home. It was well into the evening as I remember it, but rather than being annoyed that we were calling her when she was probably settling in for the night, Mary told us she would, “be right over”. She arrived and reviewed a few things with us before leading us through a group exam where we all got to contribute to the effort on the spot.
Thank you for being such an amazing and creative teacher Mary!
-Kevin Theissen class of 1996