Keith Harrison

9 May 2022

I would like to add a little note to wish Mary a very fruitful and happy life after retirement. Mary has been an absolutely outstanding member of the faculty, the Geology Department and such a valuable colleague in the Environmental Studies program that it’s hard to imagine those areas of the college, and many others, getting along without her. I have always admired Mary’s commitment to her own field of science, and to science in general, and have been particularly impressed by the great gifts she has shown as a teacher. She combines intellectual rigor with kindness and compassion in a way that is very unusual and she has made a great deal of difference to a whole generation of those lucky enough to have had her as a teacher. Added to that is her somewhat puckish sense of humour, which is one of her most ingratiating characteristics.

I would love to be able to join you in what will surely be a warming and memorable occasion for all concerned. As I shall, alas, not be able to do that in person I shall raise a glass to her continued good health:

With all good wishes for a splendid celebration of Mary’s life and work,

Keith Harrison
Emeritus Professor of English