Josh Bookin ’98

9 May 2022

Mary Savina is the first person who made me think seriously about becoming an educator. In my first week in Geomorphology, we read and discussed the article “Geology as a Social Science.” In my second week, I was chest deep in the Cannon River mapping the bed with a Theodolite prisim. I was hooked. I was less of a Geo Major and more an adherent of all things taught by Mary, which was just fine by me.

Mary’s type of teaching is transformational. I started to see more about the world, care more about the world, and do more to effect change. I increased my sense of wonder and increased my skills to investigate these awe-inspiring mysteries. I became more self-confident. I saw clearly how thorny problems necessitated a strong team to address them. I started to see who I might be as a professional.

25 years later, I am now an instructional coach who helps faculty members work to continuously improve their craft as teachers. It is work I love, and it is deeply informed by all of who Mary is and all of what she shared with me.

I hope you have the wonderful retirement you deserve — many congratulations for an exceptional career!!