Jay Stadler

5 May 2022

I have loved working with Mary over my past 10 years with the College. Her deep understanding of what lies beneath us, and how water flows through it are remarkable.

Some of the memories I keep are those when she and I collaborated student projects together. Mary never lost her passion for exploration and teaching, and finding new ways to teach. For instance, she invited me as guest lecturer in a class she was teaching; I asked one of my staff to help me out. We were talking about soils and how we interact with them in our daily lives. What was supposed to be a campus tour changed into a walk 100′ from the entrance to Mudd Hall – we already had plenty of material to go over. The students were surprised about the numerous ways we think about soil. She’s inspired so many!

Mary is a thrill to be around and I’m amazed every time I leave her. She is missed.