Jay Jackson

13 May 2022

Congratulations on your retirement, Mary! I’m grateful that you served as one of my earliest geology mentors and my departmental advisor at Carleton. Your enthusiasm for the glacial geology of the Northfield area proved infectious to me, as did the camaraderie the students and faculty in the department, and the joy of doing science in the field. The off-campus program to Death Valley was a memorable way to tie the Carleton geology experience together during my senior year. So you played a critical role at the start of my lifelong journey with geology through advanced degrees, into the business world, and now on camping trips in retirement!

Perhaps more importantly for me, you were a living example of the value and meaning of a liberal arts education. You integrated literature and history into science courses. And you made time to nurture your love of music despite the hectic tasks of establishing yourself as a junior faculty member in the geology department. Rehearsing and performing in the Carleton Orchestra with you taught me to both live with balance and indulge my passions. I’m so glad we had the chance to meet again with music as a focus during a BBC Proms concert in London a few years ago.

All the best for your future endeavors, Mary. Barb and I will see you on one of the Alumni Adventure trips soon!!