Heidi Wells

3 May 2022

Mary was my advisor and literally changed the course of my life. After graduation I literally ran into one of her field trip groups at Arches National Monument (what a small world) while on a long weekend away from Denver. We ended up sitting around their campfire while Mary and I discussed my after-college plans. I was happily working at a bookstore and not using my degree in geology but contemplating a graduate school masters in Geology. She looked at me and said something to the effect of: “Why are you thinking about grad school when you seem to be so happy in the book business?”
I credit Mary with “giving me permission” to pursue a non geology career which led to owning a successful Book Wholesaling business. “Oh the places we will go!”
I also credit Mary with encouraging me to be the best me whether that involved geology or something else that sparked my passion.
Best teacher and mentor ever!!!