Ethan E. Bleifuss (1982)

29 April 2022

The fall of my sophomore year, 1979, I took my first Mary Savina class, geomorphology.
That class is why I became a geologist. I don’t recall any formal lectures from Mary in the traditional sense. I do remember doing and discussing geology all the time with fellow students, TA’s, Tim Vick and Mary. The course she created helped lead me down the path to becoming a questioning, curious geologist.

I always felt Mary was constantly exploring what it meant to be a teacher and how to “teach” geology. As a student there were times I did not fully appreciate what she was doing. Years later, after a lifetime of teaching, I do appreciate all she was doing and I have tried to do the same. Thank you Mary for all you have done.

P.S. Every time I look out an airplane window and see the geomorphology of the ground below, I thank her for helping me gain a greater appreciation for the ever changing Earth.