Carolyn Carr

13 May 2022

Congratulations to you, Mary, on your retirement! And thank you for your many years of inspirational teaching and field trips for so so many students! I have such fond memories of your teaching – in geomorphology class, on a great winter break trip with Gordon Keating and Binks Colby to Death Valley (1987, I think it was..), your generosity about that convoluted paper I wrote on the Tibetan plateau, oh so long ago… And just a few years ago, it was such fun to head back to Baraboo with my family, on an alumni field trip you led. To me, you’ve always had an abundance of both extraordinary competence and humility, all rolled up together – with such patience for your students, good humor, and never-ending enthusiasm. What a great pleasure- to have been one of your geology students! Best wishes in all your upcoming adventures, Mary!