Barb Waugh

29 April 2022

Dear Mary,

Your Geo 10 class set me on a path of always looking at and thinking about the Earth. I can vividly remember sitting in your class Spring Term Freshman Year and you having us read John McPhee. I thought “what kind of science class reading is this?”. Next we went outside to do labs and you gave us a one on one mid-term in your office. I was hooked!

Experiences like Death Valley Semester, countless hours in the field, countless hours in the labs (like the making those geomorphology maps!), and meeting others outside Carleton, that you, and others, gave me, were all incredible additions to my life.

I went on to teach Earth Science to middle school students for 15 plus years. Each year I tried to channel your excitement, your deep knowledge and your care for your students in hopes of making a few of my students open their eyes and love the Earth Sciences the way you did for me.

Congrats on your retirement. Thank you for choosing the path you did and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping put me on a path I have enjoyed my entire life!

Barb Waugh ‘85