Taylor Yeracaris

12 June 2020


Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and shared with me over my time at Carleton. You have taught two of my favorite classes at Carleton, in what are possibly my two very favorite subjects (historical linguistics and writing systems), and you have been an inspiration to me in many other ways — in your approach to teaching, to life, to intellectual engagement. I admire your broad range of experiences and knowledge, proficiency with language and its structures, your sense of interest and fun, and your impressive teaching skill. Thank you for many fun classes and interesting conversations in office hours!

I still remember your jumping up to sit on the table in the Asian Languages Lounge to talk to me after I got back from Japan. I remember really appreciating that you would take the time to just chat with me, and thinking how awesome it was that you were a prof and still did fun things like sitting on tables!

I wish you the best in your retirement, and I hope you keep having fun and exploring interesting things!

–Taylor Yeracaris