Sam Demas

25 May 2020

Mark, my swimming buddy! As Noburu quipped, my “Poseidon”!

One of the joys of swim club was lingering in the shower and locker room, chatting about all kinds of things (music, politics, teaching and learning, linguistics, etc). Always the last to leave the locker room, we tried the patience of our speedy wives! Reading the comments of students about your teaching prowess, I was reminded of how you approached swimming: a bit like Qiguang in your meditative approach, but first and foremost as a student of the fine points of the art of swimming. As a swimmer who paid attention to his movements, who patiently worked towards improving his strokes, as well as his conditioning. And who was always glad to share tips with those who asked (like me!).

For years we swam: with pelicans at Madison Lake, in a race around Perch Lake, and in every pool in Northfield! Perhaps we’ll swim in a Hawaiian lagoon one day!

Such a committed and thoughtful teacher, calm and musical presence, with such a good sense of humor! A linguist and gardener. A good friend. With appreciation and all good wishes for re-inspirement, Sam