Mariko Kaga

13 May 2020

My friend, my comrade, my colleague, you have all kinds of titles. There are too many stories to share. It is clear that I would not have survived without your support and help.

How many times did I run to your office? Well, I ran to your office to get my favorite sweets, but what I mean is that you always made time to listen. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

You were always fair, calm, laid back, and friendly. I particularly appreciate the support you showed me during my illness. You and Teri are selfless and caring with  big hearts. I will never forget memories from in Japan, in our department, in the basement of Scoville, and the new place in LDC.

Enjoy your retirement. I will come to see you and Teri in Hawaii someday. One more time, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!