Cory Vietor 魏可瑞 ’93

23 May 2020

Congratulations on a much earned retirement, Mark! I began learning Chinese from Mark for two terms before going to China with Roy Grow on the Beijing Political Economy Seminar spring term of 1992. It’s good to see some other friends from those days making comments too and I still use my Chinese name 魏可瑞 that Mark gave me. I wasn’t a remarkable Chinese student or even “good” at languages having satisfied the language requirement with Spanish earlier. Since graduation in 1993, I returned to Beijing and carved out a life in China with me and my family now living in Shanghai. I believe it’s a credit to the foundation I got from Mark that I’ve been able to work and live in China as a filmmaker and producer immersed in Chinese language and culture all these years. Each time a Chinese person mistakenly thinks I’m Chinese from earlier phone calls or messaging and then is surprised to meet a white guy from Minnesota, I smile and think of Mark. 谢谢麦老师!