How should I ship my personal belongings to Carleton?

  • If you are sending items in the first half of summer for a new student, please add “Hold for Next Term” or the recipient’s class year so we can be sure who the recipient is if we have not updated our student list yet.
  • Pack bed linens in your suitcase if your arrival time does not match up with Campus Post Office service hours.
  • Do not ship any box larger or heavier than you can carry comfortably to your room. 
  • Boxes should be firmly packed with cushioning around items and reinforced with packing tape. 
  • E-mail notifications will be sent the day parcels arrive, and are ready for pickup at the Post Office. An alphabetical list of assigned student mail boxes is posted in the lobby outside of the Campus Post Office.
  • Carleton College cannot assume responsibility for items stolen or damaged during shipment or while in storage.  Items lost or stolen after arrival at Carleton are the responsibility of the student, not the College.