Training is required before anyone, students or employees, may use power tools in the Carleton shops. Training is machine-specific, meaning that it has to be completed and recorded for each individual machine before that particular machine can be used.

All the shops at Carleton share some similarities, but there are differences too. Likewise, all machines of a type are similar, but each one also has some unique features. Because of the similarities and differences between machines, we have broken the training for using the machines into two pieces. For each type of machine there is an online (Moodle) training module. Then for each specific machine there is a live hands-on training session that covers the specifics of each machine. In order to use a particular machine, you need to complete both parts, first the online general part then the live machine-specific part.

But before you can do any machine-specific training, you first need to complete the general safety training. That comes in two parts as well, a Moodle part and a live part that is specific to a particular shop.

Online Training

The online training is done through Moodle and can be found on the Shop Safety Moodle Site. You can self register for this course, or you can ask the shop manager to enroll you. You’ll then go into Moodle and complete the training you need. First you’ll do the general safety training, everyone has to do that. Then you’ll do the training for the specific machine you want to work on.

Live Training

When you’ve finished the online training it will be time for the live training. The online training is a general overview; it covers material that is common for all shops and for all machines of a particular type. The live training will cover details of the particular shop and the exact machine you will be using. Depending on the situation, this live training will be done as a scheduled whole class event, a small group, or one-on-one.

Training Records

Training records are kept in two places. The records of the Moodle portions of the training are kept, not surprisingly, in Moodle. The records for the live training are recorded on a shop-specific paper form that is kept in each shop or studio.

Training will be recorded on your Training Record sheet. This is really important, so listen up! The sheet has a list of all the power tools in a particular shop and by each one is a place for the supervisor to sign off that you’re trained and ready to use that tool.

When you are not working, you will keep this Training Record sheet in the designated place in the shop.  Each time you work in the shop you will retrieve this sheet and give it to the monitor or supervisor working in the shop. That way they’ll know what you are and are not authorized to do. If you are working with a buddy, you will each hang your sheet on the check-in board.

There is a different sheet for each shop so if you work in more than one shop you will have more than one sheet. The online training is interchangeable—you don’t need to repeat it for each shop—but the live training is good for only one particular instance of a machine. In the Instrument Shop, for example, there are two drill presses that students might use.  Being authorized for one does not mean you are authorized for the other; they are a little different and the training is separate.

Safety Training Recording Forms

Here are links to the forms for recording live training.