Students may not use use a controlled machine alone; a Buddy, Monitor or Supervisor is must be present, in sight and within hearing range.  Which type of monitoring is required depends on the hazard level assigned to the machine you’re using.  See the Machine page to learn the operation details and hazard level of each machine.

The type of monitoring specified is the minimum required.  For example, if a Buddy or Monitor is required, a Supervisor could also play that role.

A Buddy is another student who is also trained in the operation of the machine.  Your Buddy must always be within sight and hearing of you while you are working.  Their number one job is to be there to respond in case of an emergency but, since they are also trained on the tools you are using, they can offer advice and help.

Two or more students may act as each-other’s Buddy in the shop, but remember that you must be able to hear and see the other person at all times.   This may mean that you will have to take turns working if what you’re doing is loud (e.g. using a power saw) or restricts your sight (e.g. electric welding).