Resources for New Faculty

Some of the best resources at Carleton are your faculty and staff colleagues! In particular, your chair and the LTC director are here to help you.

Faculty Mentoring Program

Carleton’s Faculty Mentoring Program pairs new faculty members with an experienced colleague from outside of their own departments to help ease their transition to the wider life of the Carleton community.

Articles for New Faculty

Pedagogy Resources

Policies & Procedures

  • The Academic Integrity Policy states that: “an act of academic dishonesty is…regarded as conflicting with the work and purpose of the entire College and not merely as a private matter between the student and an instructor; all cases involving such dishonesty are referred for appropriate action to the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) via the Associate Provost.” Please use the Academic Integrity Policy Violation form to report any concerns about students’ work in your class. The ASC will consult with you about grading penalties.
  • Academic regulations from the Faculty Handbook
    • In particular, note that, “An instructor may not require more than one major project due after 5:00 p.m. of the last day of class. In particular, only one traditional in-class final, take-home final, final paper, etc., may be required during the final examination period. All other work for the course must be due by the last day of classes.”
  • Policy for Extensions
    • Students requesting a personal extension should contact their Class Dean, who will review their request and confer with the instructor and other appropriate parties. Extensions for academic reasons are rare. The instructor should submit the written request for approval to the Associate Provost, explaining the circumstances in full.
  • Procedures for add/drop, waitlists, exams from the Registrar’s Office
  • Syllabus statements
    • There are no required syllabus statements. You may choose to use these or not as you see fit.

Curricular Areas and Graduation Requirements

Support from Carleton Offices