Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism

Carleton College aspires to be a truly supportive and inclusive learning and work environment for every student and every member of our faculty and staff.” (A Community Plan for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity)  

The IDE Strategic Planning process has articulated a series of principles and definitions to  guide our attempts to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive institution. 

The LTC’s IDE pages offer information and resources to faculty and staff as they work to implement those goals in our classrooms and other learning environments.

The resources compiled here express a range of opinions and are not intended to set or reflect specific Carleton College policies. These pages are in development. Please send suggestions, comments, or concerns to the LTC Director.

Understanding Carleton’s Past (and Present)

Additional historical resources like Black at Carleton are available in the Carleton Archives. Email archives@carleton.edu.

Equitable and Inclusive Teaching

Quick Overviews

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