Teaching Circles

Teaching circles provide (usually) three faculty members the opportunity to observe each others’ classes and talk about teaching in an informal setting. Participants receive a stipend of $500 for participating. Generally, faculty create their own teaching circles, but the LTC can also assist with matchmaking. Teaching circles can be among faculty in related disciplines, or they can include faculty in different disciplines. Some of the most successful teaching circles have involved faculty who might seem to have very little in common in terms of the types of courses they teach.

If you would be interested in participating in a teaching circle — whether you have already identified partners or if you want help making connections — email the LTC director. 

Previous Teaching Circles


Anastasia Pantazopoulou (Classics)
Rebecca Terry (Math & Stats)
Chris Saladin (Digital Arts & Humanities)

Gao Hong (Music)
Lauren Visel (Music)


Victor Almeida (Economics)
Sarah Kennedy (Classics)
Sarah Lahasky (Music)

Brooke McCorkle (Music)
MurphyKat Montee (Math)
Anya Vostinar (Computer Science)


Andrea Mazzariello (Music)
Kim Huynh (Chemistry)
Ryan Terrien (Physics & Astronomy)
Paul Petzschmann (European Studies)

  • LTC blog post about this teaching circle, including a podcast by the participants

George Cusack (Writing Across the Curriculum)
Charisse Burden-Stelly (Africana Studies & Political Science)
Gisel Flores-Montoya (Psychology)
Baird Jarman (Art History)


Kristin Bloomer (Religion)
Anita Chikkatur (Educational Studies)
Anna Rafferty (Computer Science)

Juliane Schicker (German)
Sandra Rousseau (French)
Kevin Wolfe (Religion)


Jessica Keating (Art History)
Shaohua Guo (Chinese)
Prathi Seneviratne (Economics)


Thabiti Willis (History)
Constanza Ocampo-Raeder (Anthropology)
Kent Freeze (Political Science)


Heidi Jaynes (P.E.A.R.)
David Liben-Nowell (Computer Science)
Kelly Connole (Art)


Sarah Meerts (Psychology)
Jason Decker (Philosophy)
Sherri Goings (Computer Science)

Andy Flory (Music)
Cherlon Ussery (Linguistics)
Julia Strand (Psychology)


Tsegeye Nega (ENTS)
Aaron Swoboda (ENTS and Economics)
Dan Hernandez (Biology)


Peter Balaam (English)
Susan Jaret-McKinstry (English)
George Shuffelton (English)