The College Handbook narrowly outlines the expectations for the Senior Faculty Development Forum. In recent years, faculty have engaged with the Senior Faculty Development Forum in a more flexible manner as outlined below. Ultimately, activities for participation in the Senior Faculty Development forum must be approved by the Director of the LTC; please contact the LTC Director if you are interested in participating.

The Senior Faculty Development Forum is an opportunity for faculty who are Full Professors to reflect on teaching, scholarship, creative and service activities, identify current priorities, and plan for future professional development in a flexible manner that supports the diverse trajectories of senior faculty. Any faculty member who has been full professor for more than seven years can propose to the Director of the Perlman Learning and Teaching Center an opportunity for professional development relevant to their current situation. These may be either group or individual proposals.

Examples of collaborative activities:

  • Senior faculty book group
  • Senior faculty writing group
  • Senior faculty learning community around a topic of the group’s choosing

These groups would be expected to meet at least 3-4 times during the year and share their discussions with members of the broader Carleton community, for example, through an LTC lunch or other public forum. 

Examples of individual activities: 

  • Sending work to outside colleagues for review, conversation, and development. 
  • Developing collaborations by visiting other institutions or hosting scholars at Carleton. 
  • Designing new teaching or research directions through exploratory work with Academic Technology, Center for Community & Civic Engagement, etc.

In any of these situations, the individual would need to provide an outline of activities and how they support the professional trajectory before the start of the year, and they would be expected to share their work in some public forum. 

Professional Development Resources for Mid-Career and Senior Faculty

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