The LTC Students Fellows can offer feedback on your course materials, giving you access to students’ perspectives before you teach your course.

Some of the questions the students can answer are:

  • How will the work you have outlined for your course fit with a students’ 2 other classes? Is there enough flexibility to let them manage their work during the term?  How do they see the tempo of assignments and deadlines playing out?
  • What parts of the syllabus and assignments will seem most relevant to a student?  Are your materials as clear and transparent as you intend them to be?
  • Are you wondering if your course really sounds welcoming and accessible to all the students you expect to be teaching? Can a student get an initial sense of what kind of classroom community you aim to create?
  • Are you curious to know whether you have explained the rationale for an assignment in a way that makes sense to a freshman?
  • Might the material warrant a heads up about content and conversations that students may find personal and challenging?

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