Headshot of Brooke McCorkle
Brooke McCorkle, Assistant Professor of Music

After having a student observer in her classroom Brooke gave this feedback,
“I feel honored to have received such generous and thoughtful student input on my teaching during my first year at Carleton. Over the course of Winter and Spring 2021, students observed all three of my classes. Especially useful were the ways I was able to apply suggestions from my Winter observation to my Spring courses, such as including icebreakers at the beginning of class and utilizing breakout activities more. But most importantly, connecting and hearing from students about my classes was a way for me to better understand both their positions during these intensely stressful times and how to best serve the entire student community. For example, one observer pointed out ways I could better ensure that students were all participating equally and felt that their comments were being recognized. Another observer noted that when I made a mistake it meant a lot that I was able to apologize for it and follow up on it in future lessons. These are the kinds of things I miss when I am lost in the flurry of teaching, especially on Zoom. I look forward to teaching in person in the future and hope I can continue to benefit from the LTC student fellows’ observations.”