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Carleton is an Institutional Member of NCFDD. Recognizing the need for professional development and faculty support, this collaboration provides our academic community with resources for success.


NCFDD is a nationally recognized, independent organization dedicated to supporting over 285,000 faculty, graduate students, and postdocs on their path to successful academic careers. They provide an array of resources including professional development programs, training, and mentoring support.

As an Institutional Member of NCFDD, we encourage faculty members and academic professionals from all levels to sign up for a complimentary sub-account membership. This gives you exclusive access to their expansive online resources, including an array of webinars, resources, and programs.

Activate Your Account

Activating your NCFDD account is an easy, straightforward process. Simply click on the “Activate My Account” button, enter your institutional email, and follow the instructions.

NCFDD Membership Offerings

NCFDD content covers a broad spectrum of topics integral to academic life, such as techniques to enhance writing productivity, effective strategies for time management and prioritization, developing mentor relationships, strategies for securing external funding, and finding a healthy work-life balance. Access to NCFDD’s member platform offers a multitude of benefits including:

The NCFDD also offers the Faculty Success Program (“Faculty Bootcamp”), which requires additional fees. The Provost has designated up to $12,000 each year to support faculty to participate in the Faculty Success Program. Faculty who are interested in the Program are encouraged to consult with the Director of the Learning and Teaching Center for more information about the program and how it has benefited Carleton faculty.

Applications for grants to provide either full or partial support for participation in the Faculty Success Program will be considered on a rolling basis, but for best consideration faculty wishing to participate in the Fall Program should apply for funding by June 1 and those wishing to participate in the Spring Program should apply for funding by September 1.

Faculty interested in applying for these funds should send a brief letter of application to the Provost describing their interest and goals in participating in the program