The role of the digital in the curriculum?

9 February 2018

As digital tools and practices play an increasing role in teaching and scholarship, important questions arise about the nature of the digital curriculum. Tuesday’s LTC lunch provided an excellent opportunity for discussion of these questions. Members of the digital curriculum initiatives task force of the Mellon Public Works grant led the conversation. They began with some history of the digital humanities at Carleton and provided some examples of what other colleges do.

While some schools have begun offering a minor in digital humanities, other institutions have taken broader approaches to digital initiatives. To show the range of approaches, the presenters highlighted two of our LACOL peer institutions.

Bryn Mawr College has introduced a digital competencies framework that helps students reflect on and intentionally develop their digital skills. Students can take their own approach to building their digital competency through curricular, co-curricular, work, and personal interest activities. On the other hand, Davidson College has developed an interdisciplinary digital studies minor that focuses on digital creativity, digital culture, and digital methodology.

Focusing on what approaches will work here and build on Carleton’s existing strength was central to the discussions.

If you would like to be a part of the continuing conversation, contact any of the members of the digital curriculum initiatives task force.