Teaching low-income and first-generation college students

31 March 2017

The longer I’ve been at Carleton the more opportunities I’ve had to interact with the TRIO/SSS program and students. I enjoy getting to know the TRIO students, and I continue to be impressed by the staff and the work that they do. If you aren’t familiar with TRIO/SSS, I encourage you to learn a bit more.

The Carleton TRIO/SSS staff have put together some great resources for faculty about how to acknowledge class in the classroom and helping students become self-regulated learners.  In addition, Abigail Dan, a doctoral student at UBC, wrote an excellent, and widely circulated, blog post with five practical suggestions for those teaching first generation students.

Moving beyond the classroom, the report of the 2015-2016 working group on low-income and first-generation students at Carleton provides a broader perspective on the experience of these students at the College.