Teaching With and Around ChatGPT and Other Tools

21 December 2022

A Highlight from the December 2022 LTC Conference. At the conference, we wanted to start answering the question “how can we teach critical thinking and digital literacy using AI tools?” …

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Reflection assignments to better connect with students

18 June 2020

At the end of spring term, I invited faculty to share their experiences with online teaching, what had been challenging, and what had worked well. One of the challenges that…

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Using metacognitive activities to help students learn

1 May 2020

In the current term, with classes being online and grading being mandatory S/Cr/NC, some students are struggling to stay engaged and motivated. Under such circumstances, how do you help students…

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Teaching Toolbox: Giving Feedback That Supports Students

24 September 2018

Last week’s LTC lunch discussion considered how to provide feedback that supports students without taking too much faculty time. Although the focus was on feedback, immediately grades entered the conversation.…

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The quantitative classroom reading group

17 February 2017

Quantitative skills (QS), quantitative literacy (QL), and quantitative reasoning (QR) are important elements to success in a wide range of disciplines and impact students’ abilities to become informed and innovative…

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Facilitating Student Collaboration

16 January 2017

Deborah Gross, Carleton College Professor of Chemistry, was interested in facilitating student collaboration in her labs and thought that ELNs (Electronic Lab Notebooks) might be the solution she was looking…

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Communicative competence checklist

3 January 2017

How can I improve the quality of participation in a class discussion? What can I do to remind students that listening is as important as speaking and careful reading is…

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