Student Experiences from Spring Term

30 July 2020
By Victoria Morse

On July 9, The LTC and Academic Techology were delighted to host a conversation about our students’ experiences with remote instruction during spring term. Chris Dallager (Director of Disability Services), Liz Cody (Assistant Director for International Services, Intercultural Life Office), and Trey Williams (Director of TRIO/SSS) shared their perspectives on the lessons we should learn from the students they work with most closely. You are probably aware that the specific visa situation mentioned in the video has changed again since early July, but the focus of the presentation was on larger insights into the challenges our students faced, information that should be at the forefront of our planning for fall. My own takeaways center on the importance of creating a sense of community for all students and especially for potentially marginalized students because that is key to their learning. I also take very seriously the call for flexibility and understanding of challenges ranging from family demands on students’ time to barred web sites and technologies and the need for some “give” in assignment deadlines. Watch the video (with apologies for the missing first minutes) and slides (relating specifically to international students’ experiences).

A further resource available to the campus community as we plan for fall are the faculty, student, and staff survey results concerning experiences with technology which were published in the Weekly Pandemic Updates of July 6 and July 13.