SoTL stories

5 April 2017
LTC Lunch session

Faculty at Carleton spend a lot of time thinking about teaching, and yet we don’t always do a good job of making our scholarly teaching visible, as I noted in the fall LTC newsletter. One way to do that is by publishing work in scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) journals or presenting at SoTL conferences. At yesterday’s LTC lunch, three faculty members shared stories of SoTL projects. This session highlighted the range of SoTL projects on campus, as well as giving some practical pointers to those faculty and staff who might want to engage in SoTL for the first time.

For faculty who are interested in getting started in SoTL, here are two excellent resources:

In addition, faculty and staff can contact the LTC if they would like support for SoTL projects. Academic Technology is also eager to help faculty and staff engaged in SoTL projects that have a technology component.  Please contact us if you want to explore the possibilities.