Connecting with Art Exhibitions and Artist Residencies Across the Curriculum

25 November 2019

The November 12th LTC session provided some excellent examples of how faculty can make use of exhibitions or artist residencies to bring new dimensions of teaching and learning to their classrooms. Barbara Allen (Political Science), Stephanie Cox (French & Francophone Studies and Cross-Cultural Studies), and Bill North (History) all shared experiences and lessons learned. For faculty who are interested in bringing a guest artist or group to campus, Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts, can help with scheduling, venue, technical support, and funding. You should contact him before contracting with an artist.

Exhibitions, featuring tangible artifacts and organized around research questions, are powerful formats for creating and sharing knowledge. Three facilities host Carleton’s exhibition program: The Perlman Teaching Museum, Gould Library, and the Weitz Center for Creativity White Spaces. Here is information about these spaces that was shared at the LTC lunch.

Perlman Teaching Museum

Presents exhibitions of art and artifacts organized around ideas connecting the liberal arts, materializing scholarly questions, and cultivating visual literacy.

Curated by: Museum Director and Curator (currently vacant); faculty and student co-curators; and outside professionals

Timeframe: Exhibition projects generally take one to three years to develop.

Facility: The public spaces comprise the soaring Braucher Gallery, with 24 foot ceilings and an adjustable lighting grid, and the more intimate Kaemmer Family Gallery. The facility is secure and climate-controlled to high museum standards. Museum staff are fully involved in realizing and installing all exhibition projects.

Contact: While Museum Director and Curator position is vacant, contact Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts. More information at the Perlman Teaching Museum website.

Gould Library Exhibitions

The mission of the Robert C. Larson ’56 Art in the Library Program is to bring library users into daily contact with works of art, artifacts, and natural objects in a spirit of discovery and learning. Exhibitions, drawing from library collections and other sources, feature student and faculty research, course projects, and more.

Curated by: Zoe Adler, Curator of Library Art & Exhibitions, in collaboration with students, faculty, and others.

Timeframe: Proposals accepted for projects one term to one year in advance.

Facility: Gould Library is a semi-secure, climate-controlled environment. Exhibitions are mounted in cases, on display walls, and throughout the Library.

Contact: Zoe Adler, Curator, Robert C. Larson ’56 Art in the Library Program. More information at the Gould Library Exhibitions website.

Weitz Center White Spaces

Active places to create, critically analyze, and share exhibitions, creative projects, and learning laboratories.

Curated by: Students & faculty

Timeframe: Proposals accepted for same-term and advance projects to be displayed from one week to a full academic term.

Facility: Two small former classrooms (260 square feet), and the Hamlin Creative Space (1000 square feet). No security provided; exhibitors are expected to manage their own install, de-install, and publicity.

Contact: Submit requests to Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts.