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Office hours — more than meets the eye

26 May 2017

In the past two weeks, I have attended or participated in three different presentations/discussions in which the topic of office hours has come up. Faculty are sometimes frustrated that the students…

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Truth, Information Literacy, and the American Way

12 May 2017

This week’s LTC lunch showcased three partnerships between librarians and faculty to develop and support assignments designed to encourage students to make sense of current events and develop their information…

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Supporting DACA students

24 April 2017

This past Thursday’s LTC session was a student panel presentation titled, “Being undocumented impacts daily living. Yes, even at Carleton.” The students asked faculty and staff to reflect on how…

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Teaching low-income and first-generation college students

31 March 2017

The longer I’ve been at Carleton the more opportunities I’ve had to interact with the TRIO/SSS program and students. I enjoy getting to know the TRIO students, and I continue…

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The quantitative classroom reading group

17 February 2017

Quantitative skills (QS), quantitative literacy (QL), and quantitative reasoning (QR) are important elements to success in a wide range of disciplines and impact students’ abilities to become informed and innovative…

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Bringing the outside in — teaching in the current moment

2 February 2017

I have heard lots of faculty and staff reflecting thoughtfully on their teaching in light of current events, and I have also gotten requests from faculty seeking help as they…

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Teaching toolbox: Responding to difficult moments in the classroom

20 January 2017

Tuesday’s LTC lunch provided some fantastic small group conversations about handling those moments in a classroom where a comment causes tension or conflict to flare, and how to respond in a…

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