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Supporting DACA students

24 April 2017

This past Thursday’s LTC session was a student panel presentation titled, “Being undocumented impacts daily living. Yes, even at Carleton.” The students asked faculty and staff to reflect on how…

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Teaching low-income and first-generation college students

31 March 2017

The longer I’ve been at Carleton the more opportunities I’ve had to interact with the TRIO/SSS program and students. I enjoy getting to know the TRIO students, and I continue…

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Teaching toolbox: Group work

24 February 2017

Tuesday’s LTC lunch provided a chance to discuss approaches for managing group work in courses.  We explored the perennial question of how to form groups.  The Tomorrow’s Professor post Ways…

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Bringing the outside in — teaching in the current moment

2 February 2017

I have heard lots of faculty and staff reflecting thoughtfully on their teaching in light of current events, and I have also gotten requests from faculty seeking help as they…

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The Learning Assist

26 January 2017

Talking with faculty across campus, there is a widespread commitment to developing a sense of community within classrooms. However, it can be challenging to find ways to explicitly reinforce the…

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Teaching toolbox: Responding to difficult moments in the classroom

20 January 2017

Tuesday’s LTC lunch provided some fantastic small group conversations about handling those moments in a classroom where a comment causes tension or conflict to flare, and how to respond in a…

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Facilitating Student Collaboration

16 January 2017

Deborah Gross, Carleton College Professor of Chemistry, was interested in facilitating student collaboration in her labs and thought that ELNs (Electronic Lab Notebooks) might be the solution she was looking…

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Why use online small group discussions?

13 January 2017

With the fast pace of Carleton’s 10-week terms, making the most of class time is important. Technology offers one way to prepare students in advance of class meetings. Sometimes that…

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Communicative competence checklist

3 January 2017

How can I improve the quality of participation in a class discussion? What can I do to remind students that listening is as important as speaking and careful reading is…

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Student responses to active learning

2 January 2017

Trying something new in the classroom is always a bit nerve wracking. It requires extra preparation, and it is unclear how students will respond. Though research shows that students learn more…

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