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Meditation and mindfulness

19 December 2019

Mental health is a widespread topic of conversation on campus. Often our focus is on student wellness, but faculty and staff also benefit from developing healthy practices. One program offered…

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Teaching Toolbox: Coaching Students on Collaboration

30 October 2019

Carleton faculty members often encourage students to collaborate with each other in many different ways: Informal opportunities to work together on class-related activities outside of class time, Assigned group work…

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Feelings of learning in active learning versus lecture settings

20 September 2019

Earlier this month, the article “Measuring actual learning versus feeling of learning in response to being actively engaged in the classroom,” in PNAS, garnered a lot of buzz. In a…

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Slow teaching debrief

8 May 2019

Following their LTC presentation this fall, Neil Lutsky and Janet Lewis Muth, along with Donna McMillan at St. Olaf, gave out mini-grants to faculty who wanted to experiment with slowing…

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Teaching toolbox: Creating classrooms that are brave spaces

30 April 2019

Last term, the LTC teaching toolbox lunch tackled the topic how to create classrooms that are brave spaces, and how to calibrate students expectations about classroom environment. Diana Ali’s NASPA…

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Helping students provide more useful feedback on teaching

6 February 2019

Hearing student perspectives about what they experience in the classroom is important for faculty members as they revise their courses and try new teaching strategies. To get the most out…

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Efficient and effective feedback workshop

2 February 2019

Although winter break workshops seem like they occurred many lifetimes ago, reviewing my notes this week I was reminded of all the great conversations and ideas shared at the various…

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Supporting student mental health

8 January 2019

Mental health challenges are a common concern facing Carleton students. A number of the winter workshops, including the new faculty winter workshop, the winter workshop on feedback, and the advising…

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Teaching fast and slow

19 October 2018

Last week, Neil Lutsky (psychology) and Janet Lewis Muth (Office of Health Promotion), along with Donna McMillan of St. Olaf, presented an LTC talk that encouraged faculty to think about…

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Helping students engage with course readings

5 October 2018

I have heard quite a few faculty thinking about how to help students engage with readings for their courses. In some cases, students don’t have any reading strategy, or perhaps…

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