Bringing the outside in — teaching in the current moment

2 February 2017

I have heard lots of faculty and staff reflecting thoughtfully on their teaching in light of current events, and I have also gotten requests from faculty seeking help as they navigate potentially challenging classroom situations. Here are a few resources that might be useful:

Vanderbilt CFT: Teaching in Response to the Election
Written in the immediate wave of the election, the links on this page provide valuable perspectives on the importance of self-care, making space for reflection, and engaging in critical, but civil, dialogues.

University of Michigan CRLT: Responding to Difficult Moments
This set of links provides strategies for anticipating and responding to difficult discussions and classroom incivility.

Outside of the classroom, many of us find ourselves supporting students on a personal level through formal and informal advising and mentoring.  Inside Higher Ed recently posted an essay about supporting students impacted by changes in immigration policy. Although some of the suggestions are for institutional-level actions, others can be useful for individual faculty and staff members.

Many members of our community are experiencing intense emotions due to the impact of current events. Self-care is important. So is community support. Please reach out if you need help or if you have suggestions for additional ways that the LTC can assist you in your teaching and work with students.