A glimpse into a teaching circle

31 January 2020

Each year the LTC supports one or two teaching circles. These teaching circles provide the opportunity for three or four faculty members to observe each other’s classes, engage in conversation, and learn from each other.

Kim Huynh (Chemistry), Andrea Mazzariello (Music), Ryan Terrien (Physics & Astronomy), and Paul Petzschmann (European Studies) participated in a teaching circle this past fall. Kim, Andrea, Ryan, and Paul created a podcast that provides a glimpse into their experience. 

Introduction to the podcast

This podcast is for anyone interested in hearing about the unique perspectives of four Carleton faculty members from different departments (i.e. Music, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, European Studies) and the challenges they face while teaching.

Listen as they share personal stories, discuss their observations from sitting in on each others’ classes and provide some insights that can inform and empower your teaching. Participants talk about their reasons for participating in a teaching circle, their goals and experiences in taking part and what useful techniques they learned along the way.