Exploring Wind Ensemble Composition: A Journey with the LTC at Carleton

17 May 2024
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Active-Learning Activities Across Disciplines

12 April 2024

Teaching Circle Description: “Each year the LTC supports one or two teaching circles. These teaching circles provide the opportunity for three faculty members to observe each other’s classes, engage in…

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Classics Summer Reading Circle

3 October 2023

For our summer faculty reading circle, we each took leadership of one session and assigned a relevant set of readings to an issue we wanted the group to discuss.  In…

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Asian Languages and Literatures Summer Reading Circle 2023

15 September 2023

Our reading circle this year focused on the book: Wang, H. & Liu, G. (Eds.), Cross-cultural communication: Teaching Chinese in the global context. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2021. This book…

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Diversifying Your Syllabus with the Library

5 September 2023

Some time ago, I began a conversation with Claudia Peterson (Head of Reference and Instruction) and Brie Baumert (Reference and Instruction Librarian for Languages and Cultures) about how the library…

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Teaching With and Around ChatGPT and Other Tools

21 December 2022

A Highlight from the December 2022 LTC Conference. At the conference, we wanted to start answering the question “how can we teach critical thinking and digital literacy using AI tools?” …

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Social Media in the Language Classroom

23 September 2022

This past summer, four Spanish faculty applied for a Learning and Teaching Center summer reading and research grant to support each other in projects related to pedagogical applications of social…

German Summer Research Circle

19 September 2022

This past summer, the German faculty applied for summer research circle funding to support each other in projects related to both teaching and research (and the connections between them). In this post, they share the specific gains made on individual projects and course design and the broader benefits they found in the collaborative process.

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Summer Reading Groups ’22: A Report from Classics

14 September 2022

Three members of the Classics department (Jake Morton, Clara Hardy, Chico Zimmerman) met on three occasions this summer to discuss the following readings: Joseph Henrich, Steve J. Heine, and Ara…

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Teaching Area Studies in Various Disciplines

25 April 2022

We all teach Latin American Studies and participated in a teaching circle this winter, focusing on best practices for teaching Latin American content or other area studies in courses in…

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