Sept 27, 2016: Dialogos IV: Ruling States and Citizens in Times of War

5 October 2016

This session features work emerging from the Humanities Center/GEI Faculty Research Seminar, “War, Destruction, (Re)Invention: Legacies of Creation and Transformation in the Context of Global Conflict.” Speakers: Louis Epstein Assistant…

Oct 4, 2016: Course-Based Research Experiences: Varied Implementations and New Directions

5 October 2016

Course-based research experiences (CUREs) provide exciting opportunities for scaling up benefits of mentored research internships, but their design, implementation, and assessment come with a unique set of challenges. We will…

Spring 2016: The Fabric of Our Campus

4 April 2016

This term’s LTC lunches have a wide variety, touching on issues of student life, research projects that combine faculty and students, and advising.  Together, they are an opportunity for us to use the LTC to make our learning environment stronger.

Winter 2016: Campus Climate, National Issues, and Student Achievement

25 January 2016

This term’s lunch session focus on campus and classroom climate, as well as sessions that look at student achievement.  We also have a session on faculty research and an example of a different model for a common reading.

Fall 2015: Home and Away

30 September 2015

This term’s LTC lunch topics include looking at important issues for our campus, teaching methods, and expanding our scope with more global concerns and opportunities.

Spring 2015: Let’s Get Together

30 April 2015

This term’s LTC lunches focus on the variety of ways Carls are working together to enhance teaching, learning, advising, and mentoring in the classroom, between and beyond courses, and in the community

Winter 2015: Humanities, Research, Global Engagement, and Assessment

30 April 2015

This term’s LTC lunches cover a variety of topics. We will hear colleagues talk about their changing research and how this affects their teaching.  We will take stock from surveys and work in assessment. And we will look at ongoing initiatives such as QuIRK and Global Engagement.

Fall 2014: Long-time Friends and New Colleagues

25 February 2015

This term we will have the opportunity to hear sessions that draw on years of experience, as well as to hear from people who are offering new energy and direction to our community.  From incorporating video into our teaching or using new ways to keep in touch with former students, to reflecting on how a major initiative continues to contribute to the campus after grant funding has ended, our year begins with a variety of informative sessions that will help us remain fully dedicated to the teaching mission of Carleton.

Spring 2014: Taking Stock

23 April 2014

This term has sessions that look at how we are doing in advising and with our QRE requirement. We look at how students can find their unique voices in writing assignments. The Phi Beta Kappa talk will feature the research of one of our colleagues. Faculty and staff will give us examples of how we might make better use of Moodle in our teaching. And a presentation that looks at alumni outcomes and examine our goals in off campus studies.

Winter 2014: Tradition and Change

28 January 2014

This term’s sessions include a look at our recently changed curriculum, the importance of old technology such as the library, and how colleagues are using new technology to enhance their teaching.  sessions also cover the link between research and teaching and opportunities presented by the new global engagement initiative