January 26, 2021: Well-being on Campus

26 March 2021

How can we help all students thrive at Carleton, especially given the unprecedented mental health challenges students are experiencing? Can we promote students’ well-being through our courses and our advising practices without compromising faculty and staff well-being in the process? Join us to discuss models developed at Simon Fraser University and the University of Texas and to start envisioning what a Carleton College model could look like. This session is a follow-up to the Flourishing on Campus session at the LTC conference in December: you are very welcome to join us whether or not you attended that session.  Please read these two documents in advance of the session if you can and come prepared to discuss which of the approaches you are already using with students or advisees and which 1 or 2 you might want to consider adopting.

Janet Lewis MuthDirector of Health Promotion

Al Montero, Associate Dean of the College and Director of Advising

Jan. 26, 2021: Well-being on Campus