Winter 2013: Building Bridges, Crossing Boundaries

2 January 2014

LTC: Involving Students in Faculty Research: Values and Costs

Different departmental cultures, diverse divisional expectations, and disparate experiences of individual faculty members make it hard to know exactly when and how to involve students in faculty research.With the new focus on faculty/student collaboration in the Strategic Plan, it is more important than ever to share best practices and to weigh the benefits and costs of working with students throughout one’s career. Cosponsored and moderated by the Faculty Affairs Committee. Presenters: Dani Kohen, associate professor of chemistry; Greg Marfleet, associate professor of political science and international relations; Michael McNally, professor and chair of religion; and Al Montero, professor and chair of political science

LTC: Choice Word: A Short History of What Small Colleges Mean by “Quality”

Join us as we welcome John Ramsay back to campus as part of the LTC’s year-long celebration of its 20th anniversary. This talk will address the evolving ways that advocates and critics have used “quality” to think about the identity and place of liberal arts colleges in the United States. Presenter: John Ramsay, provost of Muhlenberg College (previously served at Carleton as associate dean of the college, 2004–2007; and as director of the LTC, 1996–1999)

LTC: I Can Relate: Understanding Students with Special Needs

We have all known students who have a hard time relating—to us, to classmates, or to the world around them. This session aims to help faculty and staff members better understand students with disabilities, including disorders on the autism spectrum, and learn strategies for dealing with the challenges these students pose. Andy Christensen, coordinator of disability services; and Dr. Jane Nofer Poskanzer, Fraser Child & Family Center

LTC: More Foreign Languages in Less Familiar Places

Join panelists in a discussion of Foreign Language Across the Curriculum (FLAC) and how foreign language work can play a role in pursuing your curricular goals. To catalyze discussion, panelists will briefly share their experiences at Carleton and key aspects of the larger, national discussion. Al Montero, professor and chair of political science; Silvia Lopez, professor of Spanish; William North, associate professor of history and director of Medieval and Renaissance studies; Helena Kaufman, director of off-campus studies; and Cynthia Luck Shearer, director of the Language Center and senior lecturer in French

LTC: Teaching In Circles

Last term, yet another intrepid group of faculty members formed a teaching circle, visiting one another’s classes and sharing their feedback. What they learned may surprise you as much as it surprised them! Andrew Flory, assistant professor of music; Cherlon Ussery, assistant professor of linguistics; and Julia Strand, visiting assistant professor of psychology

LTC: Analyze This! (The Sequel)

This year the Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC) is studying our students’ ability to communicate and argue effectively in writing and speaking as part of our regular assessment plan. At this session, the subcommittee will present its draft report and solicit feedback. Come hear their observations and offer your suggestions for this work-in-progress. Presenters: Cindy Blaha, professor of physics and astronomy and Marjorie Crabb Garbisch Professor of the Liberal Arts; Catherine Fortin, assistant professor of linguistics; Andrea Nixon, director of curricular and research support and subcommittee chair; and George Shuffelton, associate professor of English

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