Oct 19, 2021: Tech Toolkit – We Need a Bigger Toolbox!

4 January 2022

During Spring21, Wiebke interviewed a number of faculty at Carleton to learn what technology had been a surprising success and what faculty wanted to continue using post-pandemic.  In other conversations, students shared their experiences with technologies and what they would like to see continue.  In addition, we have learned from our colleagues at other institutions what they and their students discovered as successful uses of instructional technologies that are worth continuing as we are back in a f2f environment.

This session will discuss the lessons learned from these  interviews and conversations and how Carleton ITS can support these lessons and wishes.  Some of the tools in this toolkit will be straightforward (how to keep using Zoom) while others may be more elaborate or not quite so obvious (asynchronous resources or providing students with choices for assignments).  Bring your own ideas of what instructional technologies and technology uses worked well for you and what you want to keep using so that we can grow our Tech Toolkit together.

Wiebke Kuhn, Director of Academic Technology

2021_10_19 Tech Toolkit