Oct 9, 2018: Teaching Fast and Slow

24 October 2018

Questions Raised and Lessons Learned from Positive Psychology

How does the pace of academic life affect teaching and learning? Experience of an academic term can range from an opportunity to pursue a deep encounter with a subject to a mad dash through a barrage of readings and assignments. In this session we will consider suggestions derived from the “Slow Movement” (in teaching and other domains, including cooking) and from feedback gathered from students and faculty about means of slowing down our classes to enhance student learning. We will highlight factors that facilitate focused attention, mindfulness, and presence; the role of multiple demands and high expectations in student and faculty well-being; the need for space for attention to reading and reflection; practical considerations of assignment scheduling and due date flexibility; and ideas about enhancing student ownership of their education and resiliency in response to the stresses of campus life.

Neil Lutsky
, Kenan Professor of Psychology

Janet Lewis Muth, Director of Health Promotion

Donna McMillan, Associate Professor of Psychology

Teaching Fast and Slow

LTC Lunch Video from Oct 10, 2018 Teaching Fast and Slow: Questions Raised and Lessons Learned for Positive Psychology